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A favorite for teas, special occasions. These are on my pastry agenda this week. Watch for my version.

Pure Pastries

My adoration of French macaroons began two summers ago while visiting my sister, Lindsay, in Paris. We made a habit of opting out of the breakfast our hostel provided each morning and instead visiting the local patisserie for a pastry or more often than not a pistachio macaroon.

I have yet to find a macaroon in America that compares to those from Paris, although I believe the following recipe comes close. The mark of a good macaroon is a paper thin crust that breaks apart with the slightest touch and encases a soft and dense almond center. If made correctly, you will see a distinct and rough border around the bottom of the macaroon and a smooth dome top. The cookies are usually sandwiched with either jam, pastry cream, or chocolate.


My sister and I visited Laduree Patisserie on the Champs Elysees and had the opportunity to taste their macaroons…

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Our new color palette for spring; the cupcakes (and recipes) based on this inspiration are forthcoming…watch for them.

Fabulous Sweet Tea – Absolutely YUM

I am a lover of Southern cooking and of course, southern-styled sweet tea. You cannot truly have a southern meal without a cold pitcher of sweet tea by the table. Well, the new product “Two if By Tea” is just what the market needed, a fabulous sweet tea (regular and raspberry) that will rival the “best” tea in America. As a connoisseur of great food and beverages, I can attest that this tea is at the top of the best and as close to great homemade southern sweet tea that you can get. I LOVE IT! Rush Limbaugh and his lovely wife Kathryn have made an excellent contribution to your Southern table and not only that but have also created a product that will generously support our troops/patriots and yes, America. Visit Two If By Tea and order (free shipping).  You will love it too!  Thanks Rush and Kathryn!


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