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Oh Yum Gingerbread

What would the Christmas holidays and table be without gingerbread and gingerbread house creations?  They are both fun and creative and tasty if you are creating those fun, funky and decorated cookies too.  We make gingerbread men and dress them up in their finest and paint meticulously the details to show-off our skills and then see what part we will gobble up first!

Jacy at Christmas

You have probably seen many different houses from simple ones by children and elaborate ones by famous chefs like the one created by the White House or in Las Vegas gingerbread house contests.  This one is the gingerbread house of the Greenbrier Resort. It is lovely showpiece and the display is surrounded by a working train and many other display houses and pieces dressed up to wow the guests and visitors.

So then, how about you?  Are you creating a gingerbread house or gingerbread cookies this year?   Check out the fun houses at Martha Stewart here.


A Beyond The Yum Favorite Place

Another favorite place for latte; it overlooks Casino and beautiful decor. This is on our BeyondTheYum list of favorite places.

A Joyful Cup Full of Sweetness

I admit it, I am a lover of lattes, coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and hey, for that matter, any other yummy hot drink especially after a day of shooting (photography that is, although I do both kinds)!  On our photoshoot at the Greenbrier Resort, we always stop in at “Café Carleton” for a special drink, snack and just take in the ambience of it.  It overlooks a beautiful casino of color and light.  A favorite drink is this lip-smacking, tummy-loving Caramel Latte!

Don’t you just love the colors? – I have coined the name “Yummy-Warm” for this one.
You can check out the decor from my HDR “Café Carleton”photos here to get a feel of the decor and what you missed =]  If you happen to visit there, get this, it’s “beyond the yum”!

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