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Eat Apples & Peaches

Beyond The Yum loves fresh fruit and although most of the posts you see here are very decadent sweet desserts, I thought it proper to serve fresh fruit today.  This is the season for Apples and recent White Peaches made for wonderful fresh fruit desserts of every kind from straight up by themselves or sweet grilled peaches with honey to caramel apples on a stick.  We choose the “washed and fresh” and totally love the flavors of the “Honey Crisp Apple and White Peach varieties.  They are amazing!  I included photos of them in my recent photoshoots…don’t they make you want to reach out and take one?  Go to the orchards and pick them … it lots of fun!


Delaplane Cellars, A Winery Gem in Virginia (via Jay&Jacy Photography)

Delaplane Cellars, A Winery Gem in Virginia Delaplane Cellars, a small boutique winery nestled on Ball Mountain overlooking the Rural Historic Crooked Run Valley. "All of our wines are made from authentic Virginia winegrapes. Our goal is to craft delicious single vineyard wines that reflect the unique terroir of each vineyard site. To accomplish this, our winemaking philosophy is simply that less is more."__Delaplane Cellars * * * "A wonderful experience, beautiful vineyard, gorgeous views … Read More

via Jay&Jacy Photography

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