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Chef Jacy’s Sweet Sweet Cupcakes

Has the cold and snowy weather given you a sweet tooth for yummies of various flavors?  Colors that make you think “I can’t wait for spring”?  Well, when the weather is YUK I want something “BEYOND THE YUM” so into the kitchen I go to create favorites.

As a little girl at age 12 who made the entire Thanksgiving dinner for a family of seven, I have always loved cooking and baking.  One of my favorite things to bake was cupcakes of every flavor, color, kind and to share them with my neighbor friends and family.  Thus my title “Chef Jacy” that stuck.  Pictured are yummy but simple cupcakes for a grab and eat treat, no fancy decorating but BEYOND THE YUM in creamy sweet flavor.  Pictured: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Almond Coconut, Orange, Lemon.

These are a great project for you with your family or friends to share together on inclement weather days (or any day really) and enjoy the work of your hands in creating and enjoying them.  My recipe created at age 12 is just like the recipes in the project book I used for this batch.  It’s a great little book to add to your cookbook library.  Here is the cover and it is available online.




Happy Thanksgiving Preparation Day

To all my chef and cooking friends today, here’s a sneak-peak at some of the recipe books I will be using for the Thanksgiving feast.  I shot this with my iPhone Camera Awesome app, which, by now, you know I sooooo love and do a daily posting.  This week is all about Thanksgiving and then I begin 31 days of Christmas which I will also blog here and on my portfolio blog. I use both cookbooks in my massive collection (tweaking recipes; one day my faves will be linked here), my own “Beyond the Yum” cookbook and favorites from online.  We have so many choices of delicious recipes that vie for our attention to add to our traditional favorites and that makes preparation even more fun.  Have fun and enjoy your day!  Bon Appetit!

Fabulous for the weekend with great wine and friends!

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