Beyond The Yum:  Yum & More Yum…it’s that good!

Hi, it’s Chef Jacy and I have a new food blog “Beyond the Yum”!

I am a connoisseur of great food, recipes, restaurants and all things related to them.  I grew up in a family of great Southern cooks and chefs and began cooking as a child creating my first large family gathering Thanksgiving dinner at the age of 12.  My culinary expertise is Southern, classic French and Italian cuisine with a huge emphasis on all things sweet.  I love to cook, entertain, serve and share (not to mention photographing it all)  so I will share with you my favorites, new recipes, favorite dining places, helps and more. I hope you enjoy Beyond the Yum and encouraged to create yummy things for your family and friends.  There is a cookbook and eBooks forthcoming.  Until then,  Enjoy, eat well, eat healthy, eat yummy, and, of course, bon appétit! 

With xox Yum, Chef Jacy


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