Wine Dinner at Breaux Vineyards

One of the beauties of living in Virginia Wine Country is the pleasure of visiting our excellent wineries and enjoying their bounty of wines and social events.  Over the last ten years, Virginia wineries have grown by leaps and bounds much to the delight of its neighbors and friends in VA, DC and MD.  A weekend in Virginia wine country or wine dinner is a must-do and joining a wine or cellar club offers even more.  We are members of various wine clubs in Virginia.  One of our favorites is Breaux Vineyards which is #1 and we love it for its wine, full service and array of events throughout the seasons.  One of the benefits is the social contact of enjoying a wine dinner and/or pick-up-wine-party with other wine lovers.  Our September Wine Dinner featured Cajun Jambalaya (with of course a glass of their Jambalaya or Merlot).  If you are within driving distance, it is a must-visit winery.  Hope to see you there!

At this last dinner, we have the privilege of photographing the event.  Pictured : A La Carte, Caterer

To visit the winery:  Breaux Vineyards


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