Chocolate Yummies & Bread Delights!

The most amazing brownies ever created, my absolute best creation, and I promise they will be entered into a ton of contests this year.  As part of my 365/52 project for 2011, I am creating many new recipes from soup to nuts to desserts.   One of my favorite dessert ingredients is  chocolate so a bunch of  new chocolate recipes were in order.  A second favorite of mine (and yours)  is sweet breads, especially cinnamon raisin or sticky buns or anything remotely like them.  Thus, one of my new sweet breads that incorporates those ingredients.  Now you know that I cannot share those recipes with you right now since I plan to win lots of contests with them so until then,  you can drool on the photos and get motivated to go into your kitchen and bake up a YUM recipe too.  I promise I will include it in the “Jacy’s Beyond The Yum Cookbook.”  Until them, eat chocolate and lots of bread!


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One thought on “Chocolate Yummies & Bread Delights!

  1. Babygirl March 10, 2011 at 8:23 pm Reply

    I am such a sucker for brownies and these brownies look heavenly. I love how they came out. Very nice post.

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