A Connoisseur’s 365+52+Challenge

A Connoisseur’s 365+52+Challenge

After much ado about whether to do a 365 or 52 challenge this year in one of my favorite subjects, i.e., photography, art, cooking or something new, I decided on a 365+52 challenge combining all three!  Thus, 365 new recipes (one for each day of the year) from 52 favorite cookbooks (one per week) .  I have hundreds and hundreds of cookbooks so the biggest chore was to whittle it down to 52 for the year that I would create those 365 new recipes from.  In addition, I must add at least 52 to 365 photos of those recipes to the project.  Now this is what I call a challenge to myself.

The image above is my French cabinet that I have filled with 300+ of my favorite cookbooks from which I will choose my 52 for the challenge.   This was extremely difficult since I have more bookcases filled with great cookbooks than I will admit to.  I chose a variety of cookbooks from all categories, regions and fare as well as general cookbooks for a balance.  With this mix, I will have lots of choices of menus and recipes. 

Like many who blog 365/52, I will blog my favorites of the completed recipes as time permits.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and will be challenged and encouraged to create new things as well.  Enjoy and Bon Appetit!


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