Delicious Desserts with "Maida Heatter"

maidaheatter1Maida Heatter is one of my favorites for desserts.  I have all of her cookbooks and have used them for years and I am always rewarded with great results and compliments when I use the recipes in them for any occasion.  My favorite is her “Book of Great American Desserts” and especially her “Cinnamon Buns” recipe but all of them are great.  A website which features many of the recipes from the book is located here:  The Ravenous Guide to Maida Heatter Dessert Recipes  You can find her books at  She is still the “best” in my “book”!  Watch for my upcoming “Cinnamon Bun” recipe!


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One thought on “Delicious Desserts with "Maida Heatter"

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