Yummy Chocolate Almond Stuffed Croissants "My Way"

JoyPals Design Studio

JoyPals Design Studio

It is a very busy time for us and we do not forsake our favorite treats but rather use an “easy” recipe to whip them up quick. One of our favorites is “Chocolate Almond Stuffed Croissants” which is quick and easy recipe for any  breakfast, brunch, tea or afternoon treat.  

Ingredients:  Croissants, Honey, Chocolate, Toasted Almond Slices, Powdered Sugar
Servings:  You Decide!

Use your favorite Croissants from bakery, Costco (Costco’s are huge and fresh)
   or grocery store (or even frozen ones)
Slice Croissants in half and drizzle with honey on bottom half
Fill with chocolate whether Godiva, Hershey or your favorite (we like Dark, Dutch or Bittersweet Chocolate)
Toast in oven until light brown (on Convection Oven, I use Roast setting at 375)
Remove from oven, cool slightly
Melt more chocolate in Microwave and drizzle on Croissants
Drizzle with Toasted Sliced Almonds (optional)
Dust with Powdered Sugar

That’s it…they are fabulous, very chic and gourmet and you did it yourself!  Now grab a latte, cup of java or tea and stuff yourself…mmmmmm!

P.S.  We also use fill them with Almond Pastry Creme for another fast treat.  Just fill with the Almond Pastry Creme rather than the chocolate!


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