"PUCK[er] Up" and Get On the Panini Express

Okay, we have taken the “Panini Express” and fell in love with it! After partaking of these tasty very large morsels, we have concluded that we, chefs that we are, should create these delectable delights ourselves and produce our own productions (using their books, of course)! We could not do this well without the infamous “PUCK” Panini Maker (pictured above) and his brilliance in tutoring us on the proper use of this invaluable kitchen tool! Of course, we did not know at the time that we would be consuming very large amounts of fattening, high calorie products, but what else is a gal to do but go forward and create regardless of the cost? (You can, of course, make lower calorie delights too!) Yes, we have been “love bitten” by the “Panini Express” and wanted to share our new love with you. Thus, bottom line, go out and get one ASAP and the books to go with it and chomp down and enjoy!
p.s. What could make a better Mother’s Day, July 4th and summer gift that this?

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