"To Turkey or Not To Turkey"

To turkey or not to turkey, that is the question? First, I decided not to do turkey and then at the store this weekend with that hot little free turkey coupon, I caved and bought a 12lb turkey. DH and I decided this year since we had so much travel for the upcoming holidays and with so much cleanup to be completed in the gardens because of our warm weather here in the Valley that we would forego the large Thanksgiving dinner and have his “spicy filet mignon” on the grill with all the goodies that go with it, i.e., baked potato, Caesar Salad and Cannoli. Now it is a full-blown “just-for-2” Thanksgiving dinner but everything will be cut to size for 2 meals, Thanksgiving day and day after. Since we are both on low-fat diets, no dessert except for a “low-cal” version of DH’s favorite, “Cannoli,” but with a spiced-up version to mark the occasion. Many of the yummies that we love to have for our “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner can be made in a “low-cal” way. For instance, when I make our “infamous” cranberry-orange relish, apple compote, and candied sweet potatoes, I use Splenda brown sugar or regular Splenda. It is hard to tell the difference but the calories are much less. For stuffing, our favorite herb stuffing with apples and sausage and yes, the sausage is a killer but we are using the “low fat” variety which helps. So then friends, as you enjoy your zillons of calories, we will have more with less and work it off putting the gardens to bed for the winter!

Remember to visit Southern Living, Bon Appetit and FoodNetwork for good recipes for lower calorie Thanksgiving goodies too.


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