"Sugar Pops & Me"

Ever since I can remember “Sugar Pops” was my favorite cold cerel. I liked the sugar and crunch, of course, but also there was just “something” about the way they floated in the milk in my cerel bowl that was neat to look at it. Well, lo and behold in a recent shopping trip to TJMaxx, I came upon these darling “Sugar Pops” dishes which I immediately scooped up. The really great thing about them is that they are “authentic” but also I got them on sale for $1 to $2 each! Now that is a find indeed! I was so excited to have my very own “Pops” dishes that I took a picture just to share with you. The coffee cup is one big heaping cup! No, I have not reverted to my childhood in a “senior moment” or the like, but I just love these cuties that bring back fond memories for me.

How cute are these 8o))

p.s. I also like Sugar Crisp but haven’t found any dishes yet! Maybe on my next trip to TJ’s! You know, Sugar Bear…”can’t get enough of them Sugar Crisp…


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