B&B Hankering…

Hankering for a B&B of your own? I love to stay at B&B’s when we travel. We have visited lots of them in lots of places. I especially love the old Civil War-era Georgian mansions and Victorian-styled (and decorated) ones. Some of my favorites are in Charleston, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland. I have at various times “hankered” to have one of my own so I could use those gifts I love so much, i.e., cooking, baking, gardening, entertaining and talking! This weekend I decided to take a look-see again at the B&B marketplace to see what is for sale. Of course, many of them are very expensive but occasionally there are really lovely ones at reasonable prices and in “turn-key” condition and furnished! You would be surprised that you can earn a living doing this and enjoy it!

The pictures here are the “White Fence Bed & Breakfast” in Stanley, Virginia that is presently for sale for $699,000 “turn-key furnished.” It is really cute and has great possibilities for gardening, etc. Hmmmm….it’s in the Shenandoah Valley, not very far from me…hmmmm, more?

It you have thoughts running along this line too…you must visit the B&B Sales at BBOnline for their sales all over the US and elsewhere

While you are there, take a look at their recipes from all of their B&B’s… I have used many of them and they were just excellent. Recipes

Okay, I had my morning coffee and did a bit of dreaming…back to some serious work but I am still thinking on it! Enjoy and the next time you travel, stay at a B&B…there is nothing quite like it!


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