A True Cup of Coffee my Style at Last!

Finally after 3 years in the Valley, we are getting a Starbucks and a drive-thru as well! We had to make adjustments to the coffeehouses here, DailyGrind is the staple, but my taste buds tend to some old favorites, Starbucks “Breakfast Blend” and “Sumatra” especially with steaming “breve” or their delicious “Vanilla Latte” so this is good news for one who only gets the “true” Starbucks when traveling. [Note: for us Costco shoppers, the sell a French Roast which is roasted by Starbucks and carries their insignia but it is really not the same.] Yes, I admit it, I like the Daily Grind’s “Snickers” and “Milky Way” coffee drinks and I will not give them up, even when on a diet (they have a diet one!) or their excellent seating for meets (especially because a new one is coming two blocks from my house!) but old faithful is coming soon so I must return to my roots. It’s true, it’s hard to teach an “ole gal” new “coffee buds”!

More on coffee: Wikipedia; CoffeeGeek


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