Fall? Virginia Apple Festivals

How do we celebrate America in Virginia in the fall? Apple Festivals, of course! I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and I love this time of year when apple festivals are in full glory, the leaves are beginning to fall and the air is crisp. It makes me get out the sweaters, apple recipes, and think about warm soups and breads!

This is a busy weekend for festivals but it is raining where I am right now but that is not dulling my desire for apple pie or cobbler! What is better than living in a country that is free, enjoying these wonderful events, eating ourselves silly with yummy desserts and spending time with family? So my friends, I spent some time early this morning as I sipped my Starbucks French Roast coffee visiting various food sites too find some delish recipes to enjoy this bounty with over the next few weeks. If you happen to live in Virginia, you are in for a treat in places to go to this fall. If somewhere else, spend some time looking up festivals to visit this weekend and perhaps you will find “apple” ones too. Festivals.com

An apple recipe is forthcoming! Enjoy & “bon appetit apples”!


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